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James Brownie

Forest Play Lead Teacher

James understands the enduring value of childhood moments spent in nature. He cherishes memories of cooling off in the water at a house accessible only by boat, and the boundless hours of outdoor play with his siblings. The waterways were their gateway to endless exploration. For James and his siblings, the forest was their playground, and hiking was simply a natural extension of stepping outside. These cherished experiences instilled in James an insatiable curiosity for the natural world and a profound sense of his place within it. He carries with him a deep respect and appreciation for all that nature has to offer.

Now a father himself, James continues to nurture his passion for the outdoors. He kayaks rivers across Canada and dedicates much of his free time to cycling, gardening, and engaging in outdoor activities with his son.

We are delighted to introduce James as our newest Forest Play Lead Teacher at Hudson Forest Play. His genuine love for the outdoors and the captivating stories from his many adventures are a valuable addition to the leadership of the team. James successfully completed the Forest School Practitioners Course in July 2023 with Child and Nature Alliance Canada (CNAC) in conjunction with our team. His presence contributes significantly to our collective success, and we feel truly fortunate to have him on board. James looks forward to guiding and witnessing the experiences and discoveries that will unfold at Hudson Forest Play in the seasons ahead.

James Brownie: TeamMember
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