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Maggie Wilde

Forest Play Teacher

Maggie is a dedicated community-engaged educator who holds degrees in Art Education and First Peoples Studies from Concordia University. Her educational approach places a strong emphasis on decolonization and unsettling, with a focus on centering on the child and cultivating reciprocal relationships with the land and community. Her personal passion for wildcrafts, including natural dyeing, fibre arts, spoon carving, and knot tying, is deeply integrated into her artistic practice and complements the natural skills acquired in the forest.

With previous experience as a tree planter, Maggie brings a profound devotion to the land and to her educational endeavors. She is committed to fostering learning through exploration, experimentation, and play, which form the foundational pillars of her worldview and learning philosophy. Maggie has a diverse range of teaching experience, from working with unhoused women at Chez Doris to instructing sailing in Nova Scotia. Cultural safety, curiosity, passion, and wonder are core principles that underlie her teaching philosophy.

We are delighted to welcome Maggie to Hudson Forest Play as the newest member of our team. We believe her unique strengths and assets will greatly enrich the diversity of our team.

Maggie Wilde: TeamMember
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