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Cooler Temperatures, Calm Clear Streams and Lots of Imaginative Role-Playing

What Happened?

We helped the children organize their ideas by co-creating a visual flow chart for the afternoon sessions. The morning sessions with the mixed ages, babies and parents are again more free flowing play this spring. We were excited to welcome back Mina who attended in the Fall and Winter sessions! The cooler temperatures kept us out of the water except for some bucket dipping and mud kitchen play. Pouring water from the stream down the sandy banks was an enjoyable, multi-age accessible activity. Some children hauled buckets of water and poured it down the hill, while others pretended the water was a trickster trying to escape back into the river. "Come back here water!" We acted two stories told by the children, Goldicheetahlocks and The Three Caterpillars; Superman Rescues Five Dogs and a modified Three Billy Goats Gruff with an extended Troll Family in the afternoon sessions. We played caterpillars metamorphosing into butterflies and moths with the hammocks as cocoons and chrysalids. On Thursday we played in the tiny brook, the tree house, and went snail appreciating by the Labyrinth.

What Does it Mean?

The children are continuing to share their interests, explore nature and develop holistically through scaffolded play in nature. Conflicts, competition and cooperation are all part of the learning and growth. Seeing their ideas drawn on the daily flow chart helps understanding of sequencing and visual representation. Self-control and self-awareness in a group play setting requires a lot of mental and emotional energy and takes time and repetition to develop.

What's Next?

We will continue to enjoy exploring and playing in nature. We will continue to help the children organise their ideas.

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