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Enchanting Natural Environment Fosters a Plethora of Learning Experiences for Children and Adults

What Happened?

Please enjoy this video/slideshow from this week created by Ophelia's mother, Cheyenne. In it you can see many of the learning experiences fostered in the enchanting natural environment by the imaginations of our participants and leaders of all ages.

What Does it Mean?

Playing with mixed age groups in novel outdoor environments stacks many beneficial outcomes. These benefits include gross and fine motor development, increase in confidence, regulation of stress, appreciation for nature, sensory therapy, language development, and sparks of wonder.

What's Next?

We will bring some paper on clipboards and introduce some nature journaling provocations in the context of sharing natural treasures and sparks of wonder with loved ones at home. We will continue to co-create emergent curriculum with the children. If you would like to know more about the concepts of emergent curriculum, and environment as the third teacher, I invite you to read this short article from the NAEYC, "Inspired by Reggio Emilia: Emergent Curriculum in Relationship-Driven Learning Environments."

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Mei-Lyn Freeman
Mei-Lyn Freeman
28 mag 2023

What a gorgeous video welcoming guest into the forest of Clarke Sydenham Nature Reserve behind Le Nichoir. A HUGE thank you to Chelsea Lefebvre (Milo's mom) for donating gardening supplies for us this week. We are excited to watch these tomato plants grow at St. James' Church. A community garden will be coming soon at the Hudson Community Center! The children are bonding more with each other and learning to interact with the different dynamics, energy levels and languages of the group. The natural treasures of the forest are exploding in this new season. Thank you for sharing this time with us! 🐛❤️

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