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Feb.16 Valentine Kindness

Updated: Feb 18

This week brought with it plenty of sunshine, some cold spells and Valentine's Day! As we continue to learn, inquire, and explore the concept of kindness the children are having great conversations that fuels their thinking!

What Happened?

Monday: The children roasted pretend marshmallows on a pretend fire, made with a pretend ax today! They were completely engrossed with the idea and loved the opportunity to eat some newly fallen snow! There was a dance party, and Jess organized a “hot burrito” game. When the music stopped if you were holding the burrito, you had to say one thing you are grateful for. Lots of sledding, climbing, drawing & reading this afternoon ⭐️

Tuesday: This morning we did a wrinkled heart activity, Chey asked the children what are things you might do that can hurt someone & then told them to say mean things to me. As they said the hurtful words I crumpled the paper. Chey then asked them to apologize and with each apology opening the paper. But explained to them that the heart is still and damaged and can never be the same. There was ice breaking, stream jumping, historical war, snow castle building and hair salon play as well.


Wednesday: Valentine's Day! A colder day with more tent time. It was so sweet watching the kids give out their valentines 💌 Milo said “Wow, everyone is being so kind to each other!” This afternoon climbing, dancing, looking at the clouds, and learning to tie knots.

Older Kids were inspired to create by Andy Goldsworthy's Art. They were also excited to play hockey, climb hills and hike through the park looking for treasures. We welcomed two new friends, Cedric and Cole to our play!

Thursday: The children experimented with different coloured acetates to make magic mirrors, sun catchers and x-ray machines. Mixing food colours to paint in the snow with spray bottles was a blast! Warmer afternoon explorations of the tiny stream included working at a coffee factory and enjoying the calming sounds of the flowing water.

What does it Mean?

We rock! Fine motor skill development with cutting, observing skills by collecting treasures in nature, gross motor skill development in climbing and navigating the water, kindness is expressed as kids share their cards, treats and ideas. Solo time and finding space to be alone in nature has become more of a common practice for these kids over time. We can sense a greater awareness for their surroundings and the impact both other people and nature has on their mood, energy and state of mind. You can see Sally in the photo above enjoying her time alone. Milo often finds a tree to escape to and the children flow in and out of these states of awareness and space throughout the day. This means the children are gaining more self-regulation techniques and tools as they develop their skills. It also means that the power of nature connections and the well-being that being in nature is being felt and experiences by children. Read more in this powerful article from the CBC's Nature of Things

What's Next?

We will continue to explore more ways to be kind to ourselves, each other and the land with all the beautiful and mysterious elements of ice, snow, water, plants and birds. We will remember to be kind to ourselves by staying warm and dry, and by expressing our feelings and ideas. The children will be encouraged to remember ways we can show kindness to each other, such as including everyone in play scenarios, listening to each others' ideas during meetings and play times, and giving each other space when needed. We look forward to learning more about how to be kind to wild birds with Elise, from Le Nichoir, the week of Feb 26th and continuing again the week after March break.

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