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First Days of Spring Session: New Faces, Lots of Role Play, Signs of Spring, and an Ice Storm!

What Happened?

We launched our spring session this week and welcomed our new participants. The freezing rain derailed us from completing the week. On the weekend the Hudson Forest Play leaders came together to re-certify their Standard Children's first aid and CPR level-C certification with the Red Cross. Monday and Tuesday sessions were fun with lots of fairy tale role play with the Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and trips to ride on the log that looks like a dragon school bus. There were many sticks and branches blown down that were engaging to play with and to create small worlds by "planting" them in the yielding corn snow. We are continuing our movement to use more natural materials for making and playing inside. This week we had snow, and sticks. Playing with the snow inside helped the new participants understand the conditions outside. It was exciting to see different species of birds (and some Canadians, like Noémi's family) return from their migrations to the south. We saw chickadees' eating the seeds we had scattered last week on the Bird Restaurant log. We heard and then saw the geese returning overhead. We also noticed more insects and spiders including a handsome grey beetle and a beautiful moth! The last session before we were closed for the ice storm included decorating eggs, playing with the eggs in the new brown play dough by making nests. We also played hide and go seek, dancing games, London Bridge and Ring around the Rosie. We read a book about a red hen and were excited to share about chickens. One new student, Zoe, has chickens at her home! Rose and Daisy were getting 10 baby chicks to raise at their home the same day!

What Does it Mean?

It is both exciting and challenging for children to adapt to new situations, environments, and people. It is fun to meet new people but it can also be scary. The children are getting to know each other and also adapting to changes in our teaching schedule. They all demonstrated resiliency and growth in our sessions this week. Relationships are forming and the children are connecting with each other, the adults and the forest.

What's Next?

We will play games that help us learn each other's names and interests. We will review our essential agreements and safety rules. We will discuss the risks in the environment and what we are excited to try out in the forest. We will continue to enjoy the change of seasons.

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