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*Fun in the Sun with Bugs, Frogs and Flowers! Week of May 12th, 2023* now with bonus photos!!!

Updated: May 30, 2023

What Happened?

The children were excited to experience the spring changes this week. We saw many little creatures such as centipedes, beetles, bumblebees, water striders, slugs, snails, and frogs! We also saw racoon footprints in the mud and many beautiful flowers. Water play was also great fun as the stream was low and slow after last week's flooding. So many sticks to gather from the stream to make bridges and fishing rods!

Tuesday morning was a joyful mud puddle jumping oasis.

What Does it Mean?

The children are gaining a deeper understanding of nature and change by experiencing so many seasonal changes. The immersion in nature with other children stimulates many senses and soothes stress accumulated from their own life changes such as moving, getting a new sibling, losing a pet or family member, or just the inevitable stress that comes from constructing your own childhood worldview.

What's Next?

We will continue to explore and delight in the seasonal changes. We will introduce the story telling and story acting routines with the spring groups.

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