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Fun learning by the stream with nets, frogs and dinosaurs - week of June 6

We had smaller numbers attending this week so it was a quieter time by the stream. We learned that the plant on the top left makes our hands sting for a few minutes if we touch it. Ashton practiced counting up to one hundred, by counting the people represented in the mural on the Legion Hall. Later we wondered if they were famous Canadians. We practiced our eye hand coordination catching toy dinosaurs with nets and later a real frog. Isaac and Milo had a great time making a jail for the frog. They were pretending the frog was a murderer who killed all the other frogs. The frog was unharmed and released back into the wild after his starring role in the drama. Julien was happy building with mud and sand in a sunny spot. We chanted a patty cake song and practised letter writing and letter sound recognition with some mud cakes. We discussed what different words start with the letters on the mud cakes. Hopefully the mosquitoes will continue to diminish over the next few weeks!

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