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Good bye Le Nichoir! See you next year!

Updated: Apr 13

What Happened?

A wonderful week of beautiful weather, exploration and celebration!


In the morning we played in the big oak tree, listened to a book while drawing the shapes we see on the pages. We also explored the labyrinth & learned about ferns & pussy willows. This afternoon lots of pretend play, playing house, swim instructor, catching bad guys, restaurant, the kids were pretending to be on tv and I was changing the channel from “comedy show” to “concert” to “drama.”

Tuesday: This morning, we made homes with curtains, cut sticks with a saw, listened to music, and learned about insects! Airport (Viveya) hung up a "K" for "Cillian"... it was an opportunity to talk about letter sounds! In the afternoon we picked out our favourite stones, had a scavenger hunt, and played across the ocean!

Wednesday (big kids): Beautiful warm day, and the first lunch outdoors!

Wednesday (little kids):This morning: Tree planting, Searching for/feeding unicorns, we did a craft with foam hearts, Pom Pom and stickers. We started making cards for the Nicoire to show what we were grateful about on the land. In the afternoon there was tree climbing, cross the ocean and a dance celebration!

Thursday:A relaxed last day! This morning we walked to the labyrinth, played in the hammock, and then decorated paper eggs (and then branches) with colored tissue paper and glue. This afternoon the kids seemed more happy to play independently with each other than to do any guided activities, but a few listened attentively to a book about honeybees before trying some homemade bread and local honey that @Teacher James Dad of Cillian brought. We played by the creek and in the mud!

What Does it Mean?

A love and connection with nature has been fostered and strengthened. Our approach to education "simultaneously honours developing a child's love of the earth and developing a child's academic and social competence." As John Burroughs wrote " Knowledge without love will not stick. But if love comes first, knowledge is sure to follow." Looking at Childhood and Nature: Design Principles for Educators, we find the blend of elements we strive to provide at Hudson Forest Play that includes imaginative play, individual fascination, group chemistry, serendipity, and teacher guidance for academic and social learning.

What's Next?

We look forward to moving back to the Sandy Beach Area with our younger group. The older group is having their last Wednesday session. We will miss Le Nichoir and the Clarke-Sydenham Nature Reserve, although our partnership remains. We look forward to returning there again another season and continuing our growing relationship with Le Nichoir! Wherever the children go next, our hope is a deep connection with nature continues to be cultivated in their growth and learning. The connection with nature and their imaginations will continue in endless possibility.

I dwell in Possibility -

A fairer House than Prose --

More numerous of Windows -

Superior - for Doors-

Of Chambers as the Cedars -

Impregnable of Eye -

And for an Everlasting Roof -

The Gambrels of the Sky-

Of Visitors - the fairest -

For Occupation - This -

The spreading wide my narrow Hands -

To gather paradise -

-Emily Dickinson

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