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"Goodbye Forest, Goodbye Children, We'll See You Next Time!" Last Week of Spring Session 2023

What Happened?

Throwing rocks, balancing and climbing challenges, playing with mud, and heroic rescues of floating toys were popular Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Learning to co-exist with frogs emerged as another line of inquiry. Many children love to chase and hunt the frogs so we discussed how to gently handle a frog and to release them safely back into the stream. We also discussed and imagined the frog's perspective of getting chased and carried by humans. The sun-warmed muddy banks of the river warmed up our feet after they got chilly wading in the cooler mornings. Many children were away due to vacations, colds or flu this week. We visited the beach by the lake on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. We had a few grandparents join us this week. Family is always welcome to come along! Thursday morning was a mix of gathering berries, playing squirrels, admiring frogs, and playing birthday.

What Does It Mean?

The children are continuing to develop and flourish in the natural spaces. The safe, nurturing, and encouraging presence of our staff, the parents and/or grandparents helps the children take healthy risks. Some of these healthy risks include playing with peers, trying something new, speaking in front of a group, making friends, climbing a tree or balancing on a slippery plank.

What's Next?

We wish you all wonderful summer adventures connecting with your families in this special season. We hope to see you again soon! There are still some spaces available in the Treasure Hunt morning camp in August and in our Fall Sessions. Many of our staff are taking the CNAC training this summer and look forward to sharing what we learn.

Final mindful words of wellness from Anita...:

"Take time to rest and hear the songs of summer! Hearing the children play is one of the best songs of summer!"

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