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Ice Art, Hide and Go Seek with Rocks, and a Pride of Lions

What Happened?

On Monday the children at first tried to continue last week's snowball store game but were foiled by the new dry and powdery snow condition. They pivoted to collecting ice chunks to throw into the stream and to smash the surface ice. Then they collected stream water by tossing the green bucket into the holes in the ice and subsequently pulling the blue rope to retrieve the bucket. This water was carefully poured into the muffin tins with natural materials chosen by the children. On Wednesday afternoon the ice art was hung on tree branches in the forest and a new batch of ice art was prepared. The next batch will be installed by the children in our natural gallery on Monday the 27th.

Lion games were popular again, as were stories written by the children about ghosts learning to share. Ezra told me a new version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where the Bears are now cheetahs. He changed it to cheetahs because he had come to understand how popular cheetahs were with his peers, and he wanted them to be happy and to act in his story. He told me the story in French and I translated it into English when we acted it out in the forest.

Monday afternoon a new game was created by the group. They walked along and took turns hiding a rock. Then the rock hider would tell the rock seekers if they.were hotter or colder based on their movements. Relative warmth was described with vocabulary of warm, warmer, hot, hotter, boiling hot, lava hot, and finally burning sun hot! This game was also played on Wednesday.

Inside the children played "London Bridge is Falling Down," and "Duck, Duck, Goose." This led to learning to deal with the difficult feelings that can come with waiting for your turn, and not always winning,

What Does it Mean?

The children continue to demonstrate growing maturity in their self regulation and capacity for forgiveness for their peers. They show increased cooperation and open-mindedness, during their negotiations over game rules and during cooperative, scaffolded play. Many are also demonstrating greater confidence in expressing their ideas both in the circle time meeting and also during dramatic play. The creation of the ice art helped increase appreciation for the natural beauty of the land. Gathering water from the stream in the pail instead of using water from our bottles was more fun because of the challenge and also gave a greater appreciation for the stream water in this forest park.

What's Next?

We will continue to create ice art and will experiment with adding tints of colour. We will continue to explore, play and share stories based on our interests and the land.

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