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January 16 - 23: Climbing, sliding and being kind.

What Happened:

We had fun exploring the ever changing winter landscape of ice and snow. We also revisited and added to our book of Essential Agreements so everyone can feel safe and joyful to connect with themselves, each other and with nature. A big theme was kindness, being kind to each other, to ourselves and to nature. This guided our actions in helping protect little trees from getting trampled in the area of land we were playing on. It also guided social interactions and feeding wildlife with loose seeds, then pinecone peanut butter sunflower seed feeders, and finally beading cranberries. Some evocative foot prints were visible on the frozen river bed below the bridge. We think they are fox prints.s

We started an experiment to see how clean snow is after it melts. We collected snow from 2 sources, from the piles beside the road and from tree branches. Does the snow on the branches remind you of a certain reptile? The stream continues to fascinate. It was fun to throw snow into the parts that are not frozen. We learned more about squirrels and shared some fictional stories about forest animals like "Stranger in the Forest" and "Those Darn Squirrels!"

What's Next?

We will continue to explore interest in animals, ice and trees, through a combination of discussions, observations in nature, and learning from books. We will make ice art if it is cold enough and continue to discuss ways we can take action to benefit the animals and plants. We will also continue to enjoy climbing snow piles and sliding down. Great exercise and helps to keep us warm!

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