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Joyful Adventures in Winter Connect the Children with Themselves, Each Other and Nature

What Happened?

We have been focused on staying active outside to stay warm with games like Mina's Monster Tag, Mosquito Tag, Predator and Prey Tag, and Rose's Volcano Scientist game. The children are empowered by having their ideas for our time together taken seriously and enjoyed together. Another benefit is how it helps bond the children together as they are supported by the teachers in organising their ideas into cooperative play scenarios. These play scenarios can be the structured tag games above, or more free flowing dramatic play such as hospital, restaurant, volcano scientists, cat family Christmas Santa visit, planting flower children in the snow, mountain climbers, and the recurring cheetahs, spiders, dinosaurs, koala bears, and rabbits.

We have been focusing, both through direct teaching and in teachable moments during free play, on respecting body space with imagery of body bubbles, and social skills like asking a classmate to play with you, and how to say "no" in a strong and polite way.

Thanks to Clementine, Ophelia and Cambria's mom Kerry for bringing puppies to visit our Monday AM session. We chose this session since it had the most children. It was a delightful experience for all. The children were respectful and gentle. We were very proud of them.

The children who are new to Hudson Forest Play added a decorative flourish to our talking stick which was found in the forest. The talking stick is used in our meetings to encourage listening and taking the risk to speak in front of a group. It is exciting to see how much more confident the children are becoming in public speaking and articulating their ideas!

What's Next?

We will continue to explore the ever shifting winter landscape in the forest through the lens of the children's imagination. The children will continue to be supported in organising their ideas into joyful action both inside and outdoors. We will continue to reinforce self-regulation through belly breathing and time aside to cool off hot emotions. Risky play, such as tree and snow pile climbing will continue to help the children build their confidence through supported challenges.

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