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Mobile Pop-up Mud Kitchens Appear in Hudson Parks

Pouring, scooping, dumping, mixing, stirring, passing, and of course, splashing dominated the children's agenda and vocabulary this week. Mucky mud boot traps, "quick sand," and multiple mobile pop-up mud kitchens emerged. Customers were delighted by the menus that included chocolate smoothies, pine on the cob, stew, muffins, cakes, acorn nuggets, sushi, and leaf chips. It was surprising to the children pretending to be squirrel customers when the kitchen staff were revealed to be wolves in disguise! Discussions of worm anatomy followed discovery of worms in the mud and the stream. Cold hands were warmed with hot water in little mason jars. Predator prey tag helped us stay warm too. That's all for this week's post! Thanks to Cheyenne, mother of Ophelia, for capturing many magical photos.

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Mei-Lyn Freeman
Mei-Lyn Freeman
Apr 23, 2023

The cooperative play between children is astonishing to observe. I was amazed at how politely the children spoke with each other. A gentle nudge was all that was needed to express more patience, kindness and understanding. Congratulations to all the parents for teaching, guiding and practicing these important social skills at home. Thank you for sharing these moments with us! 🌱

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