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November 7th to 11th: Wild Winds, Hungry Squirrels and Clumsy Chefs

What Happened?

Monday was windy and wild at Hudson Forest Play. The older children pretended to be a family camping while the younger children explored the edge of the creek and painted with natural materials. As the children are getting more comfortable with each other there are more conflicts during play so we started making some essential agreements to help everyone feel safe. We will share them when we are done. Carole's steel drum brought peace to the forest as the calm music soothed the children's nerves. The day ended peacefully.

Wednesday was a fun day of exploring with the discovery of a worm and squirrel observation/imaginative play. A squirrel snatched half of Mina's sandwich which led to an afternoon of pretending to be squirrels and exploring the forest to the left of the path before the bridge. We read a story about how squirrels hide and later find their acorns. Apparently they can smell the ripe acorns under the snow. They like to hide and bury the acorns before they are fully ripe. Amazing creatures!

Friday was full of restaurant play inside with play dough and outside at the brick "oven". This later combined with more hospital play outdoors with a more complicated plot. We noticed the new bridge under the rail tracks was almost finished. Hopefully it will be quieter in the forest next week!

What Does it Mean?

The naturally arising conflicts are providing opportunities for the children to practice conflict resolution and emotional regulation with support from caring adults. The practice of creating essential agreements helps individuals understand how their actions impact others and how groups can solve problems collectively.

What's Next?

We will make sure everyone gets to contribute to the essential agreements book and remind the children of the agreements when appropriate. As part of our inquiry into change we will discuss the anticipation of winter and what we like to play in the snow!

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Sonia Simpson
Sonia Simpson
Nov 14, 2022

This is so heartwarming. The squirrel snatching Mina's sandwich gave me a laugh 😂 🐿 I'm so curious to see the children's agreement book. What a wonderful and empowering way for the kids to learn conflict resolution all the while working together and not just individually on themselves. I love it! Thank you for the report, I love reading these and the pictures are great!

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