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Oct 31 to Nov 4

What Happened?

We pretended to be different animals while reading "Sometimes I Feel like a Fox." We also pretended oranges were pumpkins to decorate and eat! 5 Little Pumpkins were sitting on the log! The children demanded repeat performances of Daniela's Little Bunny Foo Foo and the Forest Fairy puppet show. Matthew brought in a cardboard tube since he noticed an interest in dropping things in holes and playing lost and found (which also appears in hide and seek, peek a boo, and hidden treasure maps.) It was fun to pretend the was a water slide for snake sticks outdoors and for the letters of the alphabet inside. Rescuing stuck vehicles from the playdough mud (mixed with coffee grounds) has also been a fun indoor activity. Animal tag / hide and seek outdoors, and the 3 Billy Goats Gruff on the bridge are still fun active role playing games we enjoy. Carole led a beading station and the children made necklaces and bracelets. We discovered we could put beads on maple leaf stems! The children continue to enjoy making and playing with pretend fishing lines made from sticks and twine. We continue to discuss safe stick play with the children such as keeping an end of the stick on the ground if you are near people, having two people carry long sticks, one on each end, and no running with sticks in case you trip. We also celebrated the October birthdays with song. It was great to welcome back Penelope and Clementine on Wednesday! They were members from the spring session and got right back into the joyful group vibe in the forest. Welcome also to Tessi, who joined on Friday morning!

What Does it Mean?

The natural environment continues to intrigue, delight, and provoke play scenarios, specifically the sticks, leaves and the stream. The guidance of the teachers leading play scenarios based on these interests such as fishing, playing house, and pretending to be animals is helping the children to connect in constructive ways. Inevitable tensions emerge as the children debate plot, character, setting and rules for their play. Emotional stakes are high as the children take their play seriously. The children have now lived again the cyclical change of the falling autumn leaves and have adapted to playing in different ways. Literacy development continues to be encouraged and stimulated by adults deliberately using a rich vocabulary in their conversations with the children as they play and explore. Letter sounds, letter names and articulation strategies are discussed with the children in playful ways that continue to make learning fun. Social skills continue to be taught, such as saying no, listening, being respectful, and learning how to negotiate to meet your needs.

What's Next?

To help meet the need of everyone to feel safe and accepted we will guide the children in writing a book of agreements to guide our play. The children can draw, write or dictate to an adult to scribe their thoughts. We will continue to explore, play, and create together so we can grow, learn and connect with each other and nature.

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