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October 24 to 28: Making Friends, Fishing Rods, Fairies, Maps, Messages and Muddy Messes!

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

What Happened?

We made more things from natural materials this week like fishing rods, puppets, and a ladybug hotel. During construction the teachers used measuring vocabulary like "short, long, medium, similar and exactly". We noticed lots of white spots on fallen leaves. Some were spider eggs and some were bird poop! We counted spider legs outside and made spiders in the play dough. We experimented with moving the morning circle time outside. We noticed the water in the stream looks different everyday and that the frogs are gone.

What Does it Mean?

The children are learning mathematical concepts like measurement and counting as they build and play. They are building off their previous experiences by including things they appreciated at hotels they have stayed at in the ladybug hotel. The children are learning that they can make their own toys in the forest. They are continuing to become more aware of their body sensations (dry, wet, cold, warm.

What's Next?

We will offer mask making and other dramatic props with natural materials (Halloween) and continue to explore the beautiful forest!

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