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Playing in the Forest Shade and on the Sunny Shores

What Happened?

We had a great week playing and learning. Some children learned to hammer nails into a decomposing log. We talked about turn taking. Many children enjoyed balancing challenges such as bouncing on a plank or slippery log in the stream. This was spotted by a teacher so they had to wait and take turns as well. Waiting is not easy. We learned how mosquitoes and high heat can made it harder to calm down sometimes. Playing in the sand and mud on the shore of the river was very popular. We tested many materials to see if they would float or sink. Some children saw frogs, geese, ducks, fish and caterpillars.

What Does it Mean?

The ever changing natural environment stimulates so much learning and connection for the children. Social skills like taking turns and dealing with frustration are learned as we organise our group activities based on the interests of the children. Sparks of wonder from discovering natural treasures help connect children with nature.

What's Next?

We will continue to enjoy nature, stories and imaginative play. We will reflect on the changes we have observed in the forest.

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