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Playing Restaurant, Ghost, Volcanos, and House.

What Happened?

The children are becoming more confident in sharing their voices and stories with the group. Callum, Barrett, Viveya and Rose dictated stories for everyone to act out and enjoy. We look forward to hearing stories from everybody in the next few weeks. Transcribing and sharing the children's stories enriches their dramatic play and helps connect individuals. We continued to challenge ourselves by climbing slippery, steep slopes and by sharing our feelings when we are upset. We found spider webs in tree trunk holes and another live spider in a sunbeam! We visualised the sleeping frogs in the mud under the snow by the steam. Warmer weather allowed for contemplation of tree tops while lying down on blankets. We played 3 Little Pigs and 3 Billy Goats Gruff from the European fairy tale traditions. Restaurant and volcano scientists continued to be popular as well outdoors. Ghost stories and house games were more popular inside the community centre.

What's Next?

We will celebrate kindness, friendship, respect, and love this coming week for the spirit of Valentine's Day. The warmer weather will hopefully continue the trend of sticky snow which is so amenable to snow sculptures. We will continue to deepen imaginative play through story transcribing and scaffolding dramatic play. We will explore the changing beauty of the forest.

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