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Soup, Soup, Glorious Soup! Week of June 16th 2023

What Happened?

Making soup communally and individually was popular this week. The children pretended different natural materials were ingredients that they mixed together to make a delicious soup. The picture book "Famous Seaweed Soup" was revisited at circle time and vocabulary from the story was implemented during play. Sometimes the soup was for people, sometimes for ladybugs, pigs, frogs, snakes and dinosaurs! Also popular was colouring rocks and balancing them. We also enjoyed balancing and jumping off the two planks in the shallow bend of the river.

What Does it Mean?

The children are making connections between the book Famous Seaweed Soup and playing soup kitchen. This helps enrich their play with additional literary elements such as vocabulary, potential plots, characters, and dialogue. Revisiting the book again after playing "making soup" also created more engagement with the story.

What's Next?

We will celebrate our last week of the spring session in the splendour of the forest and continue to enjoy learning through the many types of play.

Some mindful words of wellness from Anita:

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