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Spring Corn Snow Delights Children Playing on the Banks of the Rapidly Rising Rivière Viviry.

What Happened?

The children were asked to remember their most fun or interesting play experience during the winter session. We made a big list to share with others in the future who might be apprehensive about outdoor winter forest play. In the mornings the snow was frozen and tricky to navigate. By the afternoons the corn snow was perfect for snow balls to toss in the river. The thin and transparent ice surface on the river was beautiful to see and fun to play with. Alain and Roland's mother made some forest music for the children by moving a long branch through the ice shards gathered under the bridge. The rising waters of Rivière Viviry made the "waterfall" loud and impressive. Some children made spider webs with strings. Many children pretended to be cats who were captured by different enemies. The cats became ninja cats and started to rescue each other. Some children also played Moana and Rapunzel.

What Does it Mean?

Even though they are longing for warmer weather and to wade in the river, the children are still very much enjoying the presence of snow and ice as natural play materials. Thier improving gross motor skills are impressive as they climb snow mounds and navigate the rough and slippery terrain. The 4 years and up children have really bonded more with each other through their cooperative play and demonstrate a real community.

What's Next?

We will wrap up our Winter session next week with a celebration of our learning community. We will continue to play and learn together in the forest and look for more signs of spring!

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