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Spring Session Final Week!

What Happened?

We enjoyed our last week playing and exploring together in the beautiful forest. It was quite pleasant in the shade of the trees and the cool waters of the river while 200 m away on the road it was scorching hot. We reflected on our time together in the forest and celebrated the good memories.


Monday was lovely with high energy and lots of hollering.

We played in the water, kids were playing very well together, lots of negotiating happening.

Chey had a great idea to have everyone contribute a line to a poem...see the photo below!


Some children were catching water spiders to cook them and eat them! Others pretended the hammock was a boat in a storm with thunder, lightning, and rough waves. There were mud cakes and a city made of mud that a gaggle of Godzillas stomped down. Fishing was also a popular game where some children pretended to be sharks caught by other children fishing.

Frog-catching again in the afternoon. A couple kids had a hard time today and it was sweet to see their friends try to comfort them. Their bond has grown strong this session.

Wednesday (younger group)

Morning was busy and fun playing on both sides of the bridge. In the afternoon the girls played house (moms with their babies) and the boys had a lot of water fights! It was really amazing to see them playing cooperatively together for so long in mixed age groups!

Wednesday (older group) session postponed till June 26


Full group of 12 in the AM. The kids were very excited about the snapping turtle that was sheltering in the river bank. Once they were done observing the turtle there was a lot of water play. The watermelon we sliced up was very exciting! In the afternoon we did a walk to Jack Layton park. It was short lived as the heat in the open space was too much. We came back and painted some rocks the kids had picked out to dry. It was a very quiet and mellow end of day after a very active and, dare I say it, big emotion kind of day! Gratitude was expressed to each child for their participation and energy in our program. The children gave feedback on the program. . . catching frogs was a highlight and of course, playing!


Lots of excitement about the tiny frog specimen and playing on both sides of the river in the morning. Children reflected on their confidence at HFP using the "blob tree."image below. Which blob are you today compared to when you started Hudson Forest Play? Oliver brought his piano drum to share. Lots of beautiful sounds in different spaces. We did lots of dancing in the afternoon and had a great walk exploring the delta where the river joins the lake, and the boat launch area.

Saturday Picnic Puppet Show

Thanks to those who came for the community event. It was great to reconnect with so many people that have been a part of Hudson forest Play for the last two years! Mary's puppet show wrapped up the morning with a delightful tale of forest exploration that echoed some of the themes played by the children over the last few years.

What Does It Mean?

We are part of a wonderful community that appreciates the power of connecting with nature and in nature. Hudson Forest Play has provided children and their caregivers a space to connect and grow in the glory of nature.

What's Next?

We look forward to Summer Treasure Camp and the Fall Session ahead. We hope the children will enjoy connecting with nature their whole lives and will feel grounded and at home when they revisit any forest environment.

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