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Spring Session Week 10

What Happened?

It was a bit cooler this week. Sword making, boat construction, frog searching, jaguar hunt and animal tag were popular this week.


We found many Crane Fly pupae under a stump. In the afternoon the children acted out a movie. Ian brought a butterfly book to read & Cheyenne brought two dead butterflies. 🦋 The kids were drawing while listening to the story.


We went to the higher ground away from the water in the cooler morning to balance on the long logs. The children made forest art with natural materials and played family and made with fire pits. Zoey and Thomas pretended to be on a boat in the ocean while in the hammock... Thomas was her baby and she caught fish to feed him. Lots of energy and big feelings at our regular spot in the afternoon so we walked to Jack Layton for a nice change of scenery! Amnda led a drama activity and the kids created their own play. Isaac was especially pleased to have a sword fight scene with Samantha (in which he bested her, of course.) Everyone picked their own animal character. There was a unicorn, a lion, a cat, and...wait for it...a lava tiger!

Wednesday (younger group)

We acted out Caps for Sale at the cool tree on the way to the beaver dam walkway. Lots of beautiful blue "forget me not" flowers. Lots of sword making and butterfly art. Many big feelings to be expressed!

Wednesday (older group)

A great day at the Champ des Rêves gardens. The artist who creates all the gorgeous sculptures in the gardens gave them a tour and there was a muralist who showed them a bit of the process. Lots of tag in the grass maze!


We finished up some Father's Day gifts that we started last week, did some beading, and made our own ice cream with an ice cream ball! We read a book about ice cream, and the kids added all the ingredients and ice to the ball before rolling it around for 20 minutes or, more specifically, they all started rolling it around before a handful got impatient and ran off to find more frogs. Kudos to the kids who rolled it for the whole time!


A busy morning with lots of construction and tree climbing. We played letter collector in the stream in the afternoon. Zoe's mom Grace came to offer a water painting session at the end of the afternoon.

What Does It Mean?

There are often lots of big feelings coming up near the end of June. Transitions are in the air and everyone handles it in their own way. Insecurity about change to new schools, saying goodbye to friends and teachers at the Hudson Forest Play community and excitement about summer plans makes for a potent emotional mix and it is only natural that we are seeing more big feelings.

What's Next?

We look forward to enjoying our last week of the Spring 2024 session connecting with nature, each other and ourselves. It looks like it is going to be a warm one!

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