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Spring Session Week 9

What Happened?

Children and adults enjoyed playing in the water, mud and sand. We discovered a snapping turtle basking in the water, frogs, crane flies, damsel flies, and butterflies. The slide continued to be a fun addition to the shore. "Clean the Slide" was a popular game as the children competed in two teams. One team dirtied the slide with mud and the other cleaned it. Some groups experimented pushing and pulling thin metal disks with the power of magnetism. Making miniature rivers, dams and lakes was popular in the slope of the river bank. Some children pretended that little pieces of kindling were canoes, kayaks and other boats getting caught in a storm and then flooded over waterfalls down into the ocean!


Isaac pretended to be an engineer and organized children and adults to make a miniature river down the river bank. We discussed turbines in hydro-electric dams and how they use the power of magnetism. During circle time Milo suggested we each say something we are thankful for!


Fun Tuesday with most of it spent in the water!

The kids worked on a waterfall all day that led to creating a huge hole at the end of it. When they poured water down, this pool would overflow and they gathered supplies to dam it. They tried wood, rocks, and building up the sides with more sand and mud. The fundraiser community evening at Cardinal Brewery was a great success. Thank you again to all those who came out!

Wednesday (younger group)

Catching golf ball treasures. Sally was opera singing her "babies" to sleep.

Solo time was incredible this morning. Independent, quiet and stillness. We had lovely music during the morning and the singing bowl. A big turtle was sunning itself in the shallow water near the dam. Cleaning the slide and making meatball soup was very popular in the afternoon.

Wednesday (older group)

The visit to Heart-Beet Farm went well in the morning. We picked1.6 kilos of haskap berries for the farm! The kids loved the farm and the fishing in the afternoon at Thompson Park.


A very mellow day! The big rains held off and we were able to go for an adventure walk and play on a new swing line in the morning. There was also some experimenting with launching items off a teeter totter system - very scientific! In the afternoon, it was all about water play, rock painting, an amazing stretching session with Leigha, and a fun visit from Samantha.

What Does It Mean?

Our community is wonderful at playing, learning and supporting each other!

What's Next?

We will continue to learn and play together on the beautiful banks of the river.

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