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Sticky Snow, Snow Ball Store, and Sharing our Love for the Forest

What Happened?

On Monday morning the children pretended that the forest in the orange perimeter was an amusement park, owned by the Isaacs. In the afternoon there was lots of sculpting with snow. We made a snow insect, a snow Lily, and a snow koala. We also made some birdseed gelatine hearts for the forest animals. Lily and Rose told stories to act out in the forest with themes of sharing and belonging.

Wednesday was a wetter day, but still great for snow play! We had multiple snow ball stores producing a variety of different sizes and composition (some were filled with lava!) Snow balls were tossed to smash ice in the river. The birdseed hearts were hard enough to deliver to the forest on Wednesday afternoon. We also made a big Valentines card for the forest. Some to the messages from the children included appreciation and love for the water, the snow, and the trees. Violet told a story about the 3 billy goats gruff but we ran out of time to act it out.

The winter landscape is so engaging for that the children love to play everywhere along the route to the forest. First there are the two snow mountains for challenging climbs and then there is the log by the gate to the forest which has become a restaurant. Animal play is still very popular, especially pretending to be cats, tigers, lions and cheetahs. Sometimes they like to pretend to be a lion family threatened by an enraged rogue elephant. Other times they like to be ill house cats who need lots of medicine.

What Does it Mean?

The children are capable of sustaining joyful cooperative and parallel play for longer periods of time with less disruptions. Sensory needs are met by the ice, snow and water play. Sharing stories by reading books and through oral story telling is helping build a deeper connection with the land and each other. Story telling and acting also helps build literacy skills such as understanding beginning, middle and end, and other literary vocabulary such as character, setting and plot.

What's Next?

We will share more stories, continue to play, have adventures, and learn more about animals, plants and ourselves. We will keep practicing our social skills and emotional regulation as needed. We will also check out if the birdseed hearts were popular with the wildlife.

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Mei-Lyn Freeman
Mei-Lyn Freeman
19. Feb. 2023

Wonderful arrival at the mid-point of our time together in the winter season. The forest has once again provided the gift of revealing nature’s beauty in new and creative ways. Thank you for sharing these moments!

Gefällt mir
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