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Week 5 Spring

Updated: May 13

What Happened?

We had a wonderful week of learning in the forest. There is more shade every day as the leaves are growing larger but it is getting warmer as well. Highlights were searching for amphibians and insects that included several exciting encounters with frogs, toads, salamanders, caterpillars, spiders, millipedes, sow bugs, worms and beetles.


There was lots of creative play with a Flower shop, Flower life cycle dramatic reenactment, dinosaur zones and pirate maps! The afternoon was warm enough for water play !


The children practiced writing letters on the big whiteboard and drew pictures for each other. The hammock was used as a cocoon that produced butterflies, baby lava tigers, and adults. Some children tested their strength picking up the biggest/longest logs they could find, swinging monkey-style from an arching tree trunk and lifting up a long dead tree with Matt to see how high it used to be. The water was also a big hit, as usual, with some of them sitting in it very contentedly playing with mud 🙂

Wednesday (younger group)

Wednesday (older group)

Amanda took us on a nice long walk from Davidson park along the Woodcroft Nature trail that follows the Vivery westward. The kids were rapt in enjoying a new area complete with various water features such as small lakes and waterfalls. The rain touched us less deep in the forest as we foraged and identified native plants and all sorts of hidden corners and gnarly trees. We stopped to lunch in the Driscoll Nalylor bird sanctuary were we enjoyed watching the red wind blackbirds and where I pulled up some cattail shoots for us to smell and taste. ☺️ Then it started to rain harder so we took refuge in an other growth part of the forest where we were more protected, after which we hiked back in the opposite way to spend the last little (no sunny) hour at “Grumpy Man’s Creek” as well as quick visit to “Fossil Forest” 🙂


Some card making and playing by / in the creek this morning! The afternoon was filled with a fun walk to Jack Layton- there were pirates, cat tails, and dinosaurs! tons of energy this AM and were excited to splash around in the sun! It carried into the afternoon with some great group play..Great group... lots of self regulation and independent conflict resolution.


Digging for bugs 🐛

We had lots of fun with the raft. We hypothesized if it would float, sink, tip over, etc. We all guess that it would float but that if I went in it, it would pop :) they took turns practising to paddle and then I (Cheyenne) took Oliver & Milo down the river while Jess and the girls made bracelets and coloured. The boys and I made it all the way down to our old spot and started frog hunting! We caught two frogs and made sure to say thank you to them for letting us hold them when they let them go.

What Does It Mean?

The transition into spring creates natural excitement in the children for all the crawling, flying and hopping creatures as well as the new plants and flowers! It is a vital time for learning about the web of life and our opportunities for stewardship. The children gain a deeper understanding of their connection to the land by considering how their actions impact the land in the future. For example if we all picked a bouquet of trillium flowers now there would not be many left to see next year.

What's Next?

We will continue to learn, play, explore and grow in the forest. We will continue to share and create new stories. We look forward to enjoying time with frogs and butterflies!

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