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Week 6 Spring Session

Updated: May 26

What Happened?

We had a wonderful week exploring and playing in the forest. Some common play themes were restaurant, hospital, volcano disaster, family, and animals. We discussed more about how important flowers are for animals like bees and hummingbirds. Many children had fun hanging from a low rope and try out some different acrobatic tricks. Water play was also very fun this week and many children wanted to search for frogs and bugs. As a group we made a decision to no longer pick up salamanders since sadly there have been too many of them dying at our hands.



Wednesday (younger group)

Wednesday (older group)

Welcome back to Cadence, Quinn and Kai! We had our largest group ever and the kids just were in their element playing in the creek, collecting frogs as new alliances and friendships were formed.



What Does It Mean?

The complexity of organized play means that the children are feeling more comfortable with each other and the space. The tension that exists around the desire to handle salamanders and the urge to protect the salamanders from death led to some emotional exchanges. It is a difficult lesson to learn that we cannot touch everything that is appealing to us. We cannot expect young children to understand the finality of death and so we need to be patient yet firm with boundaries that are ecologically necessary. These are not easy lessons but they are valuable.

What's Next?

We look forward to more and more water play as temperatures rise. We will continue to learn more about the web of life in the forest and our impact on the web of life. Teachers will continue to scaffold cooperative imaginative play based on the children's interests.

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