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Week of March 10

Updated: Mar 17

What Happened?

We were excited to return to Hudson Forest Play after a long spring break. However, there were smaller groups this week as the community faced many illnesses. I returned from my travels away with a fresh perspective and mindset regarding our program, goals, and aspirations. It was wonderful to reconnect with the children, families and land! Thank you for a fabulous welcome back!

Monday: We enjoyed climbing trees in the remaining snow and lots of pretend cooking. The children enjoyed feeding the birds and the squirrels. We discussed the nature of animals in the area and patterns that we have noticed. We spent time inquiring about the food these animals might enjoy and used our observation skills to discover the changes in the land since we were last together. Risky play boundaries were discussed and explored.

Tuesday: We practiced counting & taking turns on the hammock. Great discussions were had regarding sharing and taking turns. Playing bakery/cafe and lava tiger birthday surprise party after reading “I Bite the Bad Guys.” was a big hit. Children also enjoyed making different shapes, designs and patterns with sticks. Appreciation of each other's creations was shared.

The children also enjoyed creating collaborative stories with sticks (we made alligators & their babies) in their play.

Wednesday (little kids): A bit of chalk colouring this morning. Some climbing and hammock swinging. Bug discovering with Indiana. We enjoyed another engaging bird watching workshop with Le Nichoir's education coordinator, Elise. Of corse the day could not end without some ice/mud stomping as the snow continues to transform and disappear! Sally began charades at lunch and a few children really got into this game.

Wednesday (big kids): The children were intrigued by the changed landscape with all the snow melting and spent a good time of the day exploring looking for the bits of forest and green peeking through and any signs of snow left behind. We identified some plants and looked for different animal signs. As usual, the kids were drawn the water's edge. A laser obstacle course was created after lunch. There was lots of imaginative creative play with forts and bases. Discussion about how to design a squirrel trap and how to build stable bridges. Before long the time for pick up was upon us!

Thursday: Beautiful day! Bird watching workshop in the morning, and exploring new paths in the afternoon. Lots of mushroom talk and hunting with @Teacher James Dad of Cillian and his guide book, and we also read 3 St. Patrick's Day books and painted some mushrooms, acorns, stones and sticks to create fake gold to trap a leprechaun. We get to observe a huge woodpecker at the turnaround point of our walk which was a nice treat! The paths were dry enough to do a deep exploration of the trails with a small afternoon group.

What Does it Mean?

The children are appreciating how the needs of birds impact their behaviour, (nests, feeding, songs.) The older children are demonstrating more empathy for the younger children when they consider whether an activity is suitable. Lots of discovery and signs of spring! Our communication, engagement and curiosity continues to be cultivated and developed in our various social settings. Children continue to test their boundaries of safety, respect and risk. Teachers continue to support, guide and engage with children.

What's Next?

The children will continue to explore the land and pursue their inquiries of Spring. Two more weeks of our winter session remain!

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