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Week of March 13th

What Happened?

Thoughts of spring and dreams of summer are starting to appear in the children's play. Themes of planting gardens, and farming accompanied the persisting themes of cats, dragons, amusement parks and spiders. The main amusement park attraction Monday morning was sledding with as many people as possible on the sled. The Isaacs led this game and organised the seating on the sled. Monday afternoon the children pretended a fallen tree was a dragon they could ride. Fishing out snow balls from the stream with the green bucket was a tricky yet engaging activity on Wednesday. Some children pretended to be seeds that we buried in snow soil. Then they sprouted and grew into flowers and trees. There were many tiny insects in the snow this week. We saw an earwig larvae and possibly young mosquitos. Wednesday afternoon we also played the 3 Little Pigs with multiple children playing each part. Later it morphed into the Three Little Mosquitoes and the Big Bad Spider.

What's Next?

We will reflect on the winter session together and co-write a song/chant of their highlights. This is to help us celebrate the session, which is soon ending, and to help us consolidate the learning and relationships. We will also continue to enjoy playing games, sharing stories, and exploring the shifting snowy mix in the beautiful forest.

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