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Week of Oct 23

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

What Happened?

The children were curious about the crab apples that had fallen on the trail. We gathered many from the ground and then shook the tree to cause more to fall. The children did many different things with the apples like washing them, and cooking pies and cupcakes with them. When the children learned of the name of the apples, some of the children were wondering if there were crabs inside the apples. We decided to cut open the apples and investigate. We did not find crabs but did find seeds and fractions! We discussed how we could cut the apples in half, and double the number of pieces. Then we did quarters, thirds, eighths, tenths and twentieths!! The children counted the pieces of apple and predicted how many pieces they would have after each time I would cut them.

We played fun and silly games with the letters and sounds of the week. H is for hahaha, honey, hammock, horse and hunter. B is for books, bees, butter, butterflies, bums, bacon, bridges, birds, and balancing. F is for fishing, floods, falcons, fire, forest, family, food, and fractions.

The water was high and the week started cold. The afternoons were quite warm. Wednesday started with heavy rain which changed to a warm and sunny day. So many leaves fell this week! The forest is covered with mostly yellow leaves. We also visited Sandy beach and the Greenwood Centre for Living History. Both spaces ignited so much curiosity and questions about the new ecosystem of the Beach and the tools used in the past that were explored at Greenwood.

Building, designing and playing with sticks and branches is becoming more popular, as attention shifts away from direct play with the seasonally colder river. We also explored more story acting of the children's transcribed stories. Intentional discussions about emotions and strategies for handling difficult feelings were a big part of our time together this week.

What Does It Mean?

The children are making sense of the world as they play, argue, discuss, reflect, draw, build, design, hypothesize, dance, count and create. They are acquiring essential vocabulary in the context of meaningful, guided investigations, playful activities, and structured dramatic play. They are holistically developing through free play and scaffolding from the teachers. As the forest transforms with an abundance of natural materials on the forest floor, the children are invited to create, inquire and play in new ways. As their comfort increases in the space and with each other the children have become more open to sharing their ideas, emotions, and stories. Natural leaders have formed in the groups and the children have more confidence to challenge ideas and stand up for their opinions.

Our visit to the beach and Greenwood opened the children's minds to so many wonderings and ideas. Exploring a new ecosystem together or a new space together builds community through shared experiences. The children learn how to interact with other adults and are curious about the world around them. Observing artifacts from the past while we were at Greenwood allows children to understand how people used to live compared to today and how it was different and the same.

What's Next?

We will continue to inquire into different ways we can express our feelings, ideas and stores. If your child creates and shares a story with you at home, please transcribe and share it with us so we might incorporate it into our play and act it out, please let us know. The maximum length we are looking for is half an 8 1/2 x 11 paper when typed. Letters of the week will be L, J & V.

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Sonia Simpson
Sonia Simpson
Oct 30, 2023

I love seeing all these photos. What a fun week!


Mei-Lyn Freeman
Mei-Lyn Freeman
Oct 30, 2023

Wow! So many photos and stories to be had. It is wonderful to know that there is an element of fun and silliness that happens in the forest!! All the smiles in these photos are so lovely to see and I can feel the joy from the experiences. Beautiful! ☺️

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