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Week of October 10th

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

What Happened?

"Matt read us "Leaf Man" in honour of the newly fallen leaves.

Using tape - sticky side up. Sofia, Sally, Gwen and grandma, Noemie and her sister, enjoyed making sensory, nature bracelets by sticking on the natural materials they foraged for. It reflected each child’s personal interaction and discoveries within their environment. Inspired by hearing Matt share about Friday's events that we were sad we missed it. Isaac and I made a boat to race like Friday’s friends.

Context: I asked Isaac today what he likes to learn about most. He said art - doing art. And also engineering. How he wants to be an artist engineer. He noticed the hole near us could use a bridge. We made a bridge discussing in detail how to build it. We used a layered and weaving approach. It supported the weight of all the children!" - Cassie

"We had spoken about whether to draw it first. Isaac decided to do it after - to write a step by step guide, “How to Build a Bridge”. He dictated - spelling and sounding out all the words while I wrote. He described how we did it. We then measured it after.

Daisy and I read three books last week. Daisy knew a lot of her animal sounds. The book “Breathe like a Bunny”, “Breathe like a Bear” and “Listen like an Elephant” - teach breathing for young children and mindfulness. We breathed like the animals. She loved it!

As a small group we read, Wolf Boy and they loved it so we read it all together. They acted out the transformation of the boy into wolf. And when I said howl, they would listen for the word, and howl at the moon. It was a blast!" - Cassie

"We used chalk pastels Thursday. Indiana drew fire and Sally worked with the letters of her name. Indiana made a home for his worm. Thursday morning was a mix of grey and sparse showers mixed with the odd blast of sun through the remaining tree tops. The afternoon flew by! There was some made up stories, colouring, tool use, and play on the river." - Marianne and James

Friday we said goodbye to siblings Quinn, Cadence and Kai, who are off to the Dominican to live on a farm for the winter. Sadly only a few photos from that day as Matt forgot his phone in the car. This is a photo of the whiteboard plan for the builders. Half the group built and the other half performed little scenes and stories they thought up. We welcomed Susan back, Barrett and Callum's wonderful grandma, who was a teacher for many years. Susan brings such joy and inquiry into our play!

What Does It Mean?

The learning community is organizing itself in different groupings that express the children's similar interests. The children are taking greater risks to share their ideas and dreams since, which means they are feeling safe, valued and part of the learning community.

What's Next?

We are moving into our next unit where we are inquiring into the different ways we can express ourselves to share our feelings, ideas and stories. We will continue to practice skills, explore and connect with nature. We continue each week with letters and sounds. This week is E, U and R. Practice making these sounds together and finding them in your home! For those children who are aware of these sounds, practice finding spectacular words to add to your collection that have these sounds in them, like Europe, unreal, ruler, or pasture.

A quote from Anita: " If we look at the simple things in life with an eye towards gratitude, those things of everyday life become everyday miracles. And the more and more we see the true nature of the world around us, the more extraordinary our world and our lives become." Brene brown

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