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Week of October 30

What Happened?

This week started with the challenge of adaptation to the colder weather. Everyone is learning the importance of staying dry in the cooler temperatures that dipped down to 1 degree Celsius. We played animal tag, dragon egg hunters, witch and wizard tag, What time is it Mr. Wolf and Mr. Crocodile, Hide and Seek, Duck Duck Goose, skating on the frosty observation deck, freeze dance, obstacle course and story acting. We acted out stories told by the children, and some familiar favourites like the Gingerbread Man. We read lots of books, discussed how to solve small problems, how to be kind, and how to take care of baby dragons. We continued to find inspiration for the games from the imaginations of the children. There was one game called "Cross the Ocean." The baby dragon egg play started on Wednesday with the introduction of some colourful new balls. Hudson Forest Play alumni Lily was visiting for the morning and remembered how a group of children last winter had pretended to care for dragon ice eggs. This time we had a werewolf dragon, an ice dragon, an electricity dragon, a fire dragon and a dinosaur dragon. They expressed a lot of empathy for their babies. Wolfgang and Thomas's eggs hatched and they each had 21 baby dragons but they named them all the same name! It was very confusing when they wanted to call just one dragon but all of them came since they have the same name. The children also predicted what natural materials would float and which would sink in the river.

The older adventure group that went with Jen on Wednesday learned about erosion and continued building shelters with natural materials in two groups. They also played interactive games and went on a few hikes to explore new grounds and stay warm.

We saw ducks, geese, sandwich snatching squirrels, some spiders, crows, a wood pecker, and a black and orange carrion beetle. We also went on many hikes to stay warm and explore the area. Some children ate lunch and warmed up in the Hudson community centre.

What Does it Mean?

The children and adults have risen to the challenge of the colder weather that comes with seasonal change! The learning community is demonstrating resilience by adapting routines to include more free and organized movement games and activities. The children are also adapting to more clothing, different clothing and the addition of the community centre to our lunch warming up routine. We are connecting with our environment in new ways and understand how our bodies can keep our inner and outer temperatures warm.

Our current inquiry into the expression of feelings, ideas and stories is providing a tremendous of rich discussion and action as conflicts arise within ourselves and between friends. Helping the children express their difficult feelings that arise in the context of their play is a meaningful way to learn the basics of emotional intelligence. The acting out of their own stories creates a strong sense of belonging to the group as their ideas are seen and enjoyed by their peers. Lots of laughter, tears and screams provide a variety of ways to experience the important release powerful emotions and children are learning to have empathy for each other and discover different responses to emotions in our social setting.

What's Next?

More direct teaching of Kelso's choices as a tool to solve small problems that often arise when young people play. More movement games, more inquiry into ways to express, more story telling and story acting, more patterns, more counting, more letters ( Ww, Xx & Yy) and more fun!

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Mei-Lyn Freeman
Mei-Lyn Freeman
Nov 06, 2023

Beautiful memories are being created each day as the children continue to make powerful connections with nature this fall. Our hope is the weather remains warm for us to stay outdoors for an extended time and play in Sandy Beach Park until the end of the fall session!! Four more weeks to go, and I want to thank each child and family for being part of our community of learning. 🌱

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