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Week 2: September 11th Learning Story: Idyllic Setting Prompts Playful Learning

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

What Happened?

Our first full week was a wonderful blend of magical moments. We welcomed a few more new faces to our learning community and enjoyed playing in the cooler temperatures. Children took healthy risks such as, speaking in a group, trying something new, talking to new people, and performing in front of a group. Some wonders of the week were the abundance of worms, the thrill of frog and toad sightings, beautiful, colourful leaves, scary venom-tipped caterpillars, cool spiders, rescuing balls from the river, searching for silver and gold, climbing the blue rope web, riding the plank see-saw, a dead fish, seaweed sculptures, sharing drawings, mud painting, reading awesome books, hide and seek, tag, and a talent show!

What Does It Mean?

As the children are connecting with nature, each other and the teachers we are building a healthy learning community. This can be seen in the joy and the conflict that occurs during play and exploration of the land. Children are learning boundaries and there are a few, but crucial safety rules like staying in the orange perimeter, moving from location to location as a large group, and being kind to yourself, each other and our natural setting. Prompted by the collection of worms and the picking of different coloured leaves led some children and adults to discuss basic foraging and respectful principles informed by Anishinaabe and Kanien’kehá:ka culture such as only taking what you need, and making sure that you leave enough for regeneration next season. Children are exploring their understandings, interests and wonderings as we build upon nature connections as the season changes. Children discussed numbers and practiced counting in playful ways during the many hide and seek games.

What's Next?

We will continue to enjoy exploring, learning, and playing in the forest. We will continue to collect and share data regarding each others' interests, joys and fears so we can organize learning projects and engaging play prompts. We encourage a trip to your local library to collect books you might want to bring to Forest Play and read. We will continue to encourage solo time - a time of reflection, noticing, reading or writing in silence. We will play more with the following letters and sounds SATPIN.

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