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Wonderful Last Week Fall 2023

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

What Happened?

We celebrated our last week of the Fall 2023 session with a variety of fun activities, including a further walk to the Sandy Beach shoreline to see its transformation. Each group wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate. The week started out chilly but warmed up quite a bit by Friday. The main attraction in the forest was ice on the shore of the creek and the river. We marvelled at the tiny ice crystals and enjoyed the crunching and cracking sounds when we walked on it. We also enjoyed breaking the ice with rocks, sticks and our bodies. The ice by the river We reviewed the alphabet and the many letter sounds we have learnt. We played lots of running and balancing games. The stick structure built near the gate was imagined to be a boat, a rocket, a house, and a castle. Some children were keen to explore new areas while others wanted to enjoy playing Paw Patrol or pirates near the stick structure. We noticed patterns in dance moves and in picture books. We acted out stories, made up songs and discussed how to express our feelings with body language. We needed to find new ways to protect our belongings from squirrels as several snack bags and backpacks got chewed! We experimented with putting our snacks in coolers and leaving out bird seeds for the squirrels as a distraction, which seemed to finally work! Finally, we said goodbye to the forest and to each other each day. On Friday, we were about to read the book 'Gratitude is My Superpower' and Sally created a fun song about gratitude, it was simply magical!! The older group engaged in creating portraits out of natural materials, a day of poetry/literacy, nature CSI using the 5 W's and connecting with nature in a variety of ways. They continue to play fabulous cooperative games to keep them moving and having fun! Jen will continue for three more Wednesdays for ages 6 and up.

What Does It Mean?

The children have grown in confidence at expressing their ideas and feelings. As we reflect from just a few months back to September we are reminded of how much the children have grown across so many domains. Language skills for some as they were immersed in conversations, sharing, games and song we heard their voice, vocabulary and formation of words accelerate over time. Letters and sounds, the children all enhanced their vocabulary and the sounds that we hear in the forest. Reading stories aloud in our time together brought a greater understanding of the elements of stories: character traits, sequencing stories, setting and plot. Math and science were a part of our every day discovery and the children have all connected to nature in powerful ways, they can share about the animals, their cycles, trees and plants found in Sandy Beach. Social skill development and self-regulation have greatly enhanced and we see children's confidence in themselves through these past six weeks especially where our focus has been on how we express ourselves. Children are feeling more confident to speak, share, sing, and dance together which increased their engagement, confidence and joy of learning together in community. Confidence with they physical sense of space has also grown as we see greater use of both fine and gross motor skills in their drawings, balance across planks and fallen trees, jumping across tree stumps and rocks, playing tag, sawing sticks and creating structures. In what ways have you seen them grow? Feel free to share a comment below.

What's Next?

Time to enjoy the changing of the seasons at home. We hope that you continue to engage with the outdoors and continue to talk and share about their experiences at Forest Play. It has been an absolute joy seeing the forest with your children and through their eyes. Their imaginations are limitless and I will ponder and smile as I continue to reflect about the Fall of 2023. We look forward to seeing you the next time our paths cross for us to continue sharing in explorations, playing and learning!

Portraits were created using natural materials in the older group with Jen this week. The details of their use of materials is impressive. I like how they created frames around them with sticks.


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Mei-Lyn Freeman
Mei-Lyn Freeman
03. Dez. 2023

WOW! Gratitude! I am going to remember that song for a long time. Nature bathing with your children brought so much-needed warmth and joy to my heart this week as I struggled with our own children at home. Thank you for sharing this time with us for the Fall 2023 program. I have endless stories that will continue to warm my heart as the season gets colder and the snow continues to fall. Enjoy your time together in your families and treasure what nature and your children give to you. ❤️

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