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Ashley Morsani

Forest Play Teacher in Training

Ashley's childhood in southern California, filled with beach camping and the enchantment of mountain snow, shaped her appreciation for diverse seasons. Since relocating to Canada, she has embraced all seasons, overcoming her initial apprehension, particularly about winter. The presence of her active toddler brings out Ashley's playful side, complementing her childlike enthusiasm.

With a professional background in Human Resources, Ashley has recently dedicated her time to elementary education, reinforcing her belief that children thrive when allowed to learn naturally, following their passions and expressing themselves. She is passionate about nurturing emotional intelligence in children, helping them connect with both their inner and outer worlds.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ashley is deeply interested in natural living and health, enjoys reading, cooking, and practices yoga. As a lifelong learner, Ashley brings a wealth of diverse experiences and a commitment to holistic child development.

Ashley Morsani: TeamMember
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