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At Hudson Forest Play, we focus on building a community of environmentally mindful, joyful children. Our program is designed to foster an appreciation for nature and community through experiential outdoor play with others. Nature and child-centred inquiry are the vehicles that guide our curriculum that promotes social interactions and develops emotional intelligence. Your children have experienced a global pandemic that have made long lasting impacts. We provide an opportunity for children to be children and do what they know best. Play. Social and emotional development are essential aspects of growth and developement for the children participating, regardless of age.

Forest school is a way of learning that began in Scandinavia more than fifty years ago and arrived in Canada in the last decade.  Since its beginnings at the Ottawa Forest and Nature School in 2014, it has grown into a nation-wide movement. We are thrilled to be part of this movement and encourage you to join!


What do we learn?

An emergent curriculum means that the students interests, strengths, needs and experiences guide what we learn. It encourages children to learn from and with each other through their interactions and play. At Hudson Forest Play, nature and the child at play are at the centre of learning. We believe that children are creative, curious and capable learners who bring their own knowledge, preferences, and skills to the program.

Our curriculum connects with primary program principles from the Quebec Ministry of EducationForest School CanadaReggio Emelia Approaches, and Child-centered Inquiry pedagogy from BC's Early Learning Framework and from the International Baccalaureate Organization.

Child-led inquiry, nature centred, and play-based learning emerge into a curriculum that is grounded in research and personal experience. We cultivate a learning environment where there are no desks or screens, multi-age groups collaborate, children have the freedom and space to explore, and a love of learning and play happens!

Our Program: Our Program
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