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Jessica Stanimir

Forest Play Teacher in Training

Jessica is dedicated to establishing safe and engaging environments that encourage children to explore who they are. She achieves this by maintaining a balance between creative and sporting activities. Growing up in Hudson and St-Lazare, Jessica fondly reminisces about her childhood adventures, from hiking Mont Rigaud to observing frogs and ducks at the bird sanctuary and enjoying imaginative play like "fishing for leaves with sticks" at Sandy Beach.

A firm believer in the significance of community development and connection, Jessica's love for her community and her enthusiasm for working with children led her to join the Hudson Day Camp. Initially, she served as an animator for three years, and she has been the coordinator ever since. Over the past seven years, her objective has been to establish a "home away from home" for both children and animators. During this time, she has expanded the day camp and introduced more diverse activities each year.

Recently graduating with honors from Concordia in the English Literature program, Jessica is set to embark on her Masters in Youth Work in the fall of 2024. In the interim, she dedicates her time to the Hudson Community Center, where she works and engages in tutoring. Additionally, Jessica tutors for various age groups and engages in the vibrant atmosphere at Le Centre Sablon in Montreal by animating field trips.

In addition, Jessica is highly proficient in both French and English languages. Her expertise in French language learning will support the building of our bilingual program at Hudson Forest Play.

Jessica's passion for cultivating nurturing environments for children and strengthening community bonds remains a driving force in her professional journey. We eagerly anticipate Jessica bringing her passion and expertise to enhance the Hudson Forest Play experience!

Jessica Stanimir: TeamMember
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