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Marion Elissalde

Forest Play Teacher

As a lifelong artist and forager, Marion is irresistibly drawn to the intricate details of nature, her craft instilling in her a perpetual curiosity.

In her role as a parent, Marion actively sought to share her profound love for the natural world with her children. This journey led her to participate in various local forest school groups, such as Earthsong at the Morgan Arboretum and the 30-acre adventure club at Colibri. Through these experiences, she cultivated a passion for education, joyfully imparting her enthusiasm for the forest to others.

Within the tranquil embrace of the forest, Marion discovers a deeply intuitive connection, comprehending not only plants and animals but also facilitating that bond for everyone, especially children.

Marion is deeply committed to child-led learning, recognizing that the forest provides a rich tapestry of inspiration for educational exploration. In the heart of nature, she believes children can uncover a myriad of learning opportunities spanning from mathematics and science to art. Guided by the philosophy that every tree, plant, and creature holds a lesson, Marion encourages a dynamic, hands-on approach, allowing children to shape their learning experiences. She firmly believes that in the forest, the boundaries between subjects blur, creating a holistic and immersive environment where curiosity knows no bounds.

Marion, a seasoned photographer and graphic designer with a BFA from NSCAD, brings over 15 years of expertise in marketing-communications to her diverse portfolio of work. Her journey has been marked by the conception and development of captivating projects. Notably, she played a pivotal role in reimagining the visual identity of Concordia's Fine Arts department. Most recently, she has joined forces as the Executive Director of the non profit organization Nomomente, using her creative prowess to collaborative endeavours with storytellers from across the globe. We eagerly welcome Marion's diverse creative skills and her profound connections with the beauty of nature to enrich the Hudson Forest Play community.

Marion's presence is set to significantly enhance the learning environment at Hudson Forest Play. We consider ourselves fortunate to have crossed paths with Marion to allow us to continue to extend our program for children aged seven and older.

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