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Mei-Lyn Freeman

MEd. BSc. Executive Director of Advancement
Marketing & Communications

Mei-Lyn goes above and beyond to make sure children, teachers and families have a warm, welcoming, safe and fun learning experience no matter the venue. With endless patience and a kind heart, our Executive Director of Advancement, Marketing & Communications is an irreplaceable part of our team. Mei-Lyn is making it all happen for Hudson Forest Play with a clear vision and ready for transformational change. After spending 10 years leading International Schools in Asia, Mei-Lyn dreamed of bringing her cultural and innovative pedagogical experiences back to Canada with her partner Matt. 

Whichever hat Mei-Lyn might be wearing; engaging with children, nature bathing, leading a workshop, designing curriculum, coordinating a community gathering, connecting with people, or jogging down a trail; Mei-Lyn is present in the moment with a smile. She is full of energy, with a calm presence that genuinely cares for others' well-being. Mei-Lyn thrives at making the impossible possible and lifting others up so they can shine. Mei-Lyn isn't afraid to push boundaries and innovate. Creativity and community are the two strong motivators that drive her.

As a true lifelong learner, Mei-Lyn continues to navigate her learning through the different roles she plays; as a Mother of three children, School Coordinator with Search Associates, Consultant for the International Baccalaureate, Board Director with EVE, and beginning her Ed.D. with Western Ontario University. 

Mei-Lyn joins Matthew in making their dream a reality at Hudson Forest Play. She brings her passion for inquiry-based pedagogy and her drive for creating inclusive environments where everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, religion or background can feel that they belong. Wherever Mei-Lyn has rested her head, she feels compelled to give back to the community she shares space with. Community development is an important aspect of any relationship Mei-Lyn is part of and she strives to bring that experience to others.

When she has a moment to pause, Mei-Lyn finds joy by placing her feet in the sand, kayak gliding, mindful breathing, engaged reading, jogging outdoors, delicious picnics and quality time with family.

Mei-Lyn Freeman: Our Team
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