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Matthew Freeman

Founder of Hudson Forest Play
Director of Learning

From exploring new hiking & biking trails, meeting community members, to numerous forest visits, no two days are the same in the life of our Founder and Director of Learning. With over 20 years of experience cultivating the creativity and wonder of children, Matthew is a natural at Forest Play! His passion and advocacy for play-based learning have involved many welcomed interactions with parents and educators worldwide, wondering where is the learning in play? (click on the button "Play" to read more)

Matt actively advocates for early years children and believes they are active, capable learners. Matt naturally engages in child-led learning and is ready to take part in child's play, to extend children's ideas, knowledge and skills in new directions. He intentionally designs and plans curriculum, asks questions, and nudges children by engaging in their play, being beside them in nature, and discovering the outdoors. He is a patient, creative and loving teacher who deeply cares for the wellbeing of children. He mindfully approaches children without judgement or expectation, but rather with respect and curiosity to better understand who they are as wise creative human beings. Matt's calm nature draws children to engage with him and create long-lasting, fun, and playful relationships.

Forest Leadership:

Matt brings a sense of calm through daily yoga and mindfulness practices, long walks, kayaking, reading and feasting on nature's delicious treasures!

Matthew Freeman: Our Team
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