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Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play (English)

What is the Evidence?

Two systematic reviews were completed to demonstrate the current scientific evidence on the net effect of outdoor and risky outdoor play.

Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play (French)

Quelle est la preuve?

Deux examens systématiques ont été réalisés pour démontrer les preuves scientifiques actuelles sur l'effet net des jeux extérieurs à risque et à l'extérieur.

An Online Tool

Helping parents and caregivers confidently allow their kids to engage in more outdoor play. It is a collaborative initiative between University of British Columbia(UBC), BC Children’s Hospital, and the BC Injury Research and Prevention.

Risky Play Podcast

Created by Active For Life

In this podcast, Dr. Brussoni explores the value of risky play and our perceptions of risk when it comes to kids’ play. She shares ideas about stimulating play environments and tips to help parents to enable their children to take part in active free play.

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