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Our mission is to enhance well-being by spending time outside where children play, explore and learn every day!

We began with a simple Vision: To empower children by connecting them with nature. 

Forest school is a way of learning that began in Scandinavia more than fifty years ago and was established in Canada in the last decade. Since its beginnings at the Ottawa Forest and Nature School, the concept of Forest Schools has grown into a nationwide movement with Child and Nature Alliance to bring children back to nature in a respectful way. We are thrilled to be a part of their movement and we hope you will join us!

Children are born with an innate desire to explore and experience everything that surrounds them, to ask questions of these experiences, and to learn by doing. When these processes are supported, through further investigation and inquiry by a significant adult in their life, the results can be far-reaching. Most importantly, our program models to children and youth that learning can be fun, can feel like an adventure, and can lead to a lifelong passion for learning.

In addition to the freedom to play; a range of intentional, nature and inquiry-based activities are part of our program; including imaginative play, oral storytelling, sensory awareness games, purposeful skill-building and exploratory time with nature. Our program is based on the Principles of Forest Nature School (CNAC, 2020) and designed to guide children in cultivating a strong connection with nature, themselves and others so they experience the beauty, wonder and joy that comes with being outdoors as a community.

Whether you are a first time preschooler, home schooler, public or private schooler; our program welcomes you! We are here to complement your learning journey and expand your portfolio. Our program follows a play-based emergent curriculum where the child is at the centre. We infuse concepts of environmental education and stewardship through hands-on learning opportunities to care for the outdoor classroom.

Our program ensures your child's learning portfolio meets the educational requirements you are seeking and beyond. Your child will be well prepared for any path of lifelong learning you choose for them.

Children will spend time each day immersed in nature, discovering, exploring, investigating and collaborating. We are passionate about cultivating a child’s natural sense of wonder and setting the foundation for joyful learning. 

Here at Hudson Forest Play, we are dedicated to ensuring children (ages 2-12) learn better - and enjoy it! We encourage children to inquire and develop a connection with nature and with the people of our community. A child's community begins with family. We prioritize getting to know families and partnering with them to advocate for the best experience for their children. Each child brings a story and we are here to listen.

Our play-based learning offers a wide array of benefits, including increased physical, social and mental well-being. In addition, children develop important life skills such as confidence, teamwork, self-regulation and conflict resolution through their play, relationship-building, and experiential learning. 

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Our Values


Self, others and the environment


Experience joyful learning


A sense of belonging

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Hudson Forest Play was formed with a simple vision; to empower children by connecting them with nature. To achieve this we focus on the whole child and bring academic concepts to life through real-world, outdoor experiences. We strive to provide children with opportunities to build connections with the land, with each other, and with themselves.

Our Core Values: Respect, Joy, Community.

We value respect: respect for ourselves, respect for others, and respect for the environment. We provide a program that encourages children to respect and care for nature. Through our daily interactions we encourage children to observe the beauty of nature, how to care for the environment, and our responsibility. Click here for ways to teach environmental stewardship by Chirp. 

We value joy: children are naturally joyful. We create a safe and welcoming environment where all children can experience joy with others, with nature, and with themselves. Children can also joyfully take risks, building up their confidence and discovering new levels of joy. Click here for Wolk's article on Joyful Learning

We value community: a sense of belonging and love. It is essential for human beings to feel loved, to feel valued, and to be part of a group of like-minded people. Building relationships with nature, with each other, with other families, and with the surrounding community are an important part of our program. Click here for NAEYC's article; DAP: Creating a Caring, Equitable Community of Learners.

At Hudson Forest Play child:teacher ratios are kept low at 6:1 to cultivate a sense of community and small group learning. Teachers act as a partner in learning who engage with children in exploration, critical thinking and teamwork as children learn how to best collaboratively play, explore and learn together. We are passionate educators, with over 30 years of experience in education in a variety of roles from around the globe. As lifelong learners, we join with children in the opportunity to play, learn about our land together, gain a greater appreciation for our environment, and grow in our understanding of ourselves.

We are here to have fun!

Hudson is a community like none other, with over 135 acres of public green space. Nature parks, conservation spaces, gardens, Le Nichoir, and the hundreds of acres of Park Land, including the 47 acres of Clarke Sydenham Nature Reserve, provide a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate Hudson's natural beauty. In addition, the town of Hudson values sustainability and takes priority in preserving the biodiversity of its natural areas and habitats. This is nature's classroom, waiting to be discovered! 

Le Nichoir Wild Bird Conservation Center

City of Hudson

Hudson's History Garden

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