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Our Daily Winter Schedule

During the winter we share the land with Le Nichoir with a warming tent.

We play, explore and learn in the Clarke Sydenham Nature Reserve.

Each session includes a flexible structure below to help guide our time together.

First Hour: group games & free play

Snack/Lunch Time: meeting + read aloud + skill building

Next Hour: outdoor inquiry, exploration & purposeful play

Solo Time: quiet time to calmly breathe & ground ourselves in nature

Closing: group games & free play

Our Daily Winter Schedule: Files

Sledding is a holistic and enjoyable activity for children, seamlessly blending fun and therapeutic advantages. Beyond the sheer joy of sliding down snowy hills, this age-old winter pastime actively promotes the physical development of young adventurers! It is our favourite way to play in the winter at Hudson Forest Play!

Our Daily Winter Schedule: Welcome
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