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Carol Renshaw

Forest Play Teacher

Carol has been working with children since a very young age. She has been passionate about allowing them to grow and develop at their own pace while reaching their potential and guiding them in an encouraging and respectful manner. 

Carol’s educational path led her to Early Childhood Education at Vanier College where she also worked for the daycare Center. Carol chose to continue her education in Early Childhood Elementary Education at Concordia University, earning her the credentials to teach elementary school. Carol was fortunate to spend some time in a nursery school while on exchange in London, England. This ignited her love for travel and has sent her from all over Europe to Africa. 

Carol had been teaching full time, mostly in Kindergarten where her passion lay, for the last 15 years. Once she had her own two girls, she decided home was where she wanted to be. Watching her girls grow, learn and play brings her more joy than she could have imagined. 

Carol has always been a believer in play and discovery as the main source for growth in education. She has seen first hand over and over again how interest based learning and wonder establishes the ideal learning environment. She has always excelled at forming positive relationships with her students and believes that play is an integral role in facilitating children’s learning. 

Carol is passionate about the outdoors. She loves hiking, swimming and just simply spending time in nature.

Carol Renshaw: TeamMember
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