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Cheyenne Papania

Forest Play Teacher in Training

Growing up on over 100 acres of land in the Madawaska Valley - East of Algonquin Park, Cheyenne's route to the school bus was a hop over a boulder and leap onto a branch which would lower her onto the trail she imprinted day by day.

Cheyenne carries a deep connection to the forest and the remembrance of the magical world she saw through the eyes of a child living amongst nature. 
One of her most vivid memories as a child is looking up at the sky full of stars wishing for a baby. Cheyenne has always known her life purpose was to be a mother. As a mom of two quickly growing girls, she has grasped onto her love of photography tightly in hopes of capturing precious fleeting moments. 

Cheyenne is thrilled to be a part of an environment where children's natural love for learning is encouraged and their curiosity can be boundless.

With a background in child psychology, kids yoga, sound therapy and forest bathing, Cheyenne can be found alongside the children at Hudson Forest Play, enthusiastically engaging in their learning & play while preserving magical moments through her lens!

Cheyenne Papania: TeamMember
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