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Esme Terry

Forest Play Treasurer Director

Esme shares over 20 years of experience in designing and overseeing financial and administrative systems within non-profit organizations, both at the local, pan-Canadian, and international levels. In addition to her professional expertise, she is an actively practicing homeopath and budding herbalist.

During her leisure hours, Esme can be found foraging for wild edibles and medicinals along the Quebec hedgerows, indulging in knitting, dancing, and joyously celebrating the seasons—all while keeping a watchful eye on her three sons. Esme's lifestyle is grounded in the principles of simple living, deep listening, and a profound belief in the transformative power of local communities. Esme's beliefs and values harmonize seamlessly with those of Hudson Forest Play, and we are truly grateful for her presence on our team.

Esme Terry: TeamMember
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