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Marianne Brownie

Forest Play Lead Teacher

Marianne brings almost 15 years of experience as an elementary and high school educator, having taught in both Quebec and British Columbia. As an IB-trained educator, she champions inquiry-based learning and places a strong emphasis on taking education outdoors.

She firmly believes in the innate competency and curiosity of children, asserting that they flourish and learn best when granted autonomy with gentle guidance. Marianne's objective is to assist each child in cultivating their own identity through their interests and their relationships with one another and the natural world. She contends that by affording children the space and opportunities to take risks and make decisions, we can nurture their confidence, kindness, and rootedness.

With her extensive background as an English Language Arts teacher, Marianne is deeply passionate about stories and always ready to share the perfect narrative for any given situation. For her, there's nothing quite like relishing a captivating tale amidst the splendor of the outdoors.

Marianne holds a Bachelor of Education from McGill University and is currently working towards a Diploma of Education in Literacy from the University of British Columbia. Her steadfast commitment to obtaining the Forest and Nature School practitioner certification through the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada clearly positions her as a natural choice for the role of Lead Teacher in Forest Play. Marianne's belief in education as a lifelong journey underscores her unwavering dedication to guiding young minds along their unique paths of discovery.

Marianne Brownie: TeamMember
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