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Mei-Lyn Freeman

MEd. BSc. Executive Director of Advancement & Community

Mei-Lyn goes above and beyond to make sure children, teachers and families have a warm, welcoming, safe and fun learning experience no matter the venue. With endless patience and a kind heart, our Executive Director of Advancement and Community is an irreplaceable part of our team. Mei-Lyn is making it all happen for Hudson Forest Play with a clear vision and ready for transformational change. After spending 10 years leading International Schools in Asia, Mei-Lyn dreamed of bringing her leadership, cultural and innovative pedagogical experiences to her homeland of Canada with her partner Matt. 

Whichever hat Mei-Lyn might be wearing; engaging with children, nature bathing, leading a workshop, designing curriculum, coordinating a community gathering, connecting with people, or jogging down a trail; Mei-Lyn is present in the moment with a smile. She is full of energy, with a calm presence that genuinely cares for others' well-being. Mei-Lyn thrives at making the impossible possible and lifting others up so they can shine. Mei-Lyn's courage pushes boundaries, breaks down barriers, and innovates. Curiosity, creativity and community are the three strong motivators that drive her.

As a true lifelong learner, Mei-Lyn continues to navigate her learning through different roles; as a Mother of three children, School Coordinator with Search Associates, Workshop Leader for the International Baccalaureate, Board Director with EVE, and beginning her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership with Western Ontario University.

Mei-Lyn is certified as a Lead Forest & Nature School Practitioner through Child and Nature Alliance Canada. Mei-Lyn sits on the Teacher Advisory Board of Take Me Outside, a non-profit, charitable organization committed to raising awareness and facilitating action on nature connection and outdoor learning in schools across Turtle Island / North America. Being actively engaged with these two Canada-wide movements demonstrates Mei-Lyn's desire for social justice and responsibility.

Mei-Lyn and Matthew have made their dream a reality at Hudson Forest Play. Mei-Lyn brings her passion for inquiry and nature-based pedagogy that fuels her drive to create equitable and inclusive environments where everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, religion or background gains a sense of belonging. Wherever Mei-Lyn has rested her head, she feels compelled to give back to the community she shares space with. Community engagement, connection and involvement are integral components the relationships Mei-Lyn cultivates. She is dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and strives to extend that sense of belonging to others.

When she has a moment to pause, Mei-Lyn finds joy by placing her feet in the sand, gliding on a kayak or snowboard, mindfully breathing, reading for enjoyment, jogging outdoors, delighting in picnics, and spending quality time with family.

Mei-Lyn Freeman: Our Team
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