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Jennifer Picaizen

Forest Play Lead Teacher

Jen's extensive experience and deep passion for the outdoors make her an invaluable addition to Hudson Forest Play.

Her ability to connect with young people and share her knowledge in such an engaging and hands-on way is truly special. The activities she plans, from hikes to building shelters and crafting with tools, will provide children with memorable and enriching experiences.

Jen's approach aligns perfectly with the philosophy of Hudson Forest Play, emphasizing the importance of outdoor exploration, movement, and inquiry as powerful tools for learning. Children over the age of six are sure to benefit greatly from her expertise and enthusiasm.

It's clear that Jen's presence will greatly enrich the learning environment at Hudson Forest Play, and her contributions are eagerly anticipated. This is an exciting step forward for the program, and it's clear that both the children and the organization as a whole will benefit immensely from her presence.

Jennifer Picaizen: TeamMember
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